Tungsten Products

The Dymet Tungsten Division supplies a wide range of centreless ground rod and cut to length rod, discs and shaped electrode components finish ground in-house to a high specification and tolerance for use in the specialist lamp, electronics and resistance welding industries

Dymet Tungsten Products include:
• Tungsten for anode, cathode and glass to metal seal of flashlamps
• Lanthanated, Pure and Non-sag
• Tungsten discs, pins and shaped electrodes
• High precision Tungsten EDM wires, 0.0050″ to 0.012″ (0.127mm to 0.3mm diameter in 12″ (305mm) lengths
• Porous Tips
• Centreless ground eddy current tested rod
• Glass Sealing quality surface finish

The Dymet Tungsten Division stocks a selection of EDM wire for immediate delivery and can offer a wide range of rod, disc and shaped components to customer requirements upon request.