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Tungsten Carbide Bricks & Roof Tiles

With its anti-abrasive qualities, tungsten carbide is an ideal material to use in the manufacture of roof tiles and bricks.

Dymet Alloys manufactures a wide range of solid tungsten carbide and tungsten carbide faced wear resistant components including sleeved rollers, large and small slippers, slipper ends, cheek plates, curved and flat guide rails, tracks, rope guides, wear plates and mould liners.

We offer special wear resistant tungsten carbide grades for use on individual components and piece parts, and we can supply the components brazed, glued, or mechanically retained to steel backings.

We have CNC grinding and EDM facilities on site, which mean we can produce more complex components in house to meet customer’s requirements.

Some of the typical products we supply for manufacturing bricks and tiles are:

  • Brick Mould & Refractory Liners
  • Wear Plates, Tracks & Tips
  • Crusher Blocks & Inserts
  • Large & Small Slippers/Thicknessers
  • Small Profiled Rollers & Slippers
  • Segmented Rollers
  • Curved & Flat Guide Rails
  • Roller End Plates

We produce a wide range of tungsten carbide tooling components for applications within the brick and roof tile industry. Our engineers offer advice on the most practical and advantageous ways to tailor your requirements to utilise the benefits of using tungsten carbide hard metal wear part components.

Small Slippers