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Tungsten Carbide Oil & Gas Components

Dymet Alloys is a supplier to the oil and gas industries, where the durability of hard metal products makes them suitable to use in the hostile subsea engineering environment. Tungsten carbide is used to manufacture extremely hardwearing components such as control valves, liners and bearing housings for use in exploration and flow control applications.

The specialised products and components we make for oil and gas sector include:

  • Control Valve Assemblies and Flow Trim components
  • Plugs, Seats and Cages
  • Disc Stack Assemblies
  • Centrifuge Tile Assemblies
  • Wear Sleeves and Inserts
  • Bearings, Bushes, Guides and Sleeves
  • Mechanical Seal Rings
  • Piston and Valve bodies
  • Ball Valve Seats
  • Stabiliser Inserts
  • Choke Beans
  • Plungers
  • Weights
Oil & Gas Components

We use our specialist manufacturing facilities to make these hard metal products in house. In particular, we provide

  • Automatic pressing, isostatic pressing and custom shaping from pre-sintered blocks
  • Individual sizes up to 250mm (10 inch) in diameter and 150kg weight
  • Cylindrical and flat, sintered or finish ground components and assemblies
  • Vacuum sintering and sinter HIP to control material composition

We can mechanically retain tungsten carbide components in steel housings by interference fitting, and we have facilities for induction or gas brazing and adhesive bonding.

We produce numerous specialised tungsten carbide wear part components and sub-assemblies for use within oil and gas exploration and control valve industries. Talk to a Dymet Alloys expert about getting a bespoke wear part product to meet your specific application requirements.