Tungsten Carbide is an ideal material for making special tooling components that will last for a long time in a production environment. At Dymet Alloys we make a wide range of bespoke tungsten carbide hard metal tooling for a wide range of applications where strength and hardness are key requirements.

  • Bespoke Boring Bars
  • Inserts for Crushing, Drilling, Tunnelling and Mining
  • Special Profiled Cutting Tips for non-ferrous and cast iron machining
  • Knives, Cutters & Shearing Blades for paper and tobacco machinery applications
  • Gun Drill Bushes
  • Male & Female Lathe Centres
  • Reamer Blanks

Dymet Alloys also make “specials” and “one-offs” as well as standard tooling. If you need something that is not a standard product, we will probably be able to help with that as well – it is quite likely we have made something similar before, and our experience in working with tungsten carbide hard metals means we will be able to assist you in selecting the most suitable material grade for a given application. Our customers are the experts in their respected industries and by working together we are able to provide the best solutions to incorporate the use of tungsten carbide hard metals components.

We continually receive requests to provide new tooling components and we usually know the most efficient way to produce them in solid tungsten carbide hard metals. If you require special tools made to your own design, please contact Dymet Alloys:

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