Tungsten Carbide Circular Saw & Groover Tips

Tungsten Carbide Tipped CuttersDymet Alloys offer a wide range of tungsten carbide circular saw tip profiles and groover tips for both wood and metal cutting applications. Using dedicated mould tooling we produce a wide range of saw tip profiles to hold in stock and these can be found in our saw tip catalogue. We use a 6% Cobalt tungsten carbide material grade for our standard range of wood cutting circular saw and groover tip profiles and also offer alternative tungsten carbide grades for steel cutting and nail busting applications upon request.

The Dymet Alloys standard range of circular saw tips range from 2.1mm to 8.0mm Kerf width and are available cleaned “Ready to Braze”. We keep most of the popular sizes and profiles in our stock, so we can supply them quickly in minimum quantities of 500 pieces. If you require a non-standard or large size or profile, they can be made to order.

Dymet Alloys can also produce hand shaped components including special saw tip shapes and profiles, solid tungsten carbide wear blocks, band saw blade guides and shaped tips for specialised cutting tools and de-barking cutters.

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